Notable Ham Radio Operators Around the World

Who Do You Think is A Ham Radio Operator?


7L2NJY--- Dr Mamoru Mohri, Japanese astronaut
9K2CS---- Prince Yousuf Al-Sabah
9N1MM---- Father Marshall Moran, missionary (SK)
A41AA---- Qaboos Bin Said Al-Said, Sultan of Oman
DP3MIR--- Dr Ulf Merbold, astronaut

EA0JC----Juan Carlos, King of Spain


FO5GJ---- Marlon Brando aka Martin Brandeaux, actor
G0MSL---- James ?, town crier
G2DQU---- Lord Rix (formerly Sir Brian), former actor and charity head
G3EUJ---- Gillie Potter, comedian (The Squire of Frogmorton) (SK)
G3TZH---- Tony Dolby, brother of "the" Dolby
G3YLA---- Jim Bacon OBE, weatherman
G4CEZ---- Bill Kitchen, 1956 world champion speedway rider (SK)
GB1MIR--- Helen Sharman, astronaut
HS1A----- Bhumiphol Adulayadej, King of Thailand
HS1LY---- Prince Titiphan of Thailand
HZ1TA---- Prince Talal bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia
I0FCG---- Francesco Cossiga, former President of Italy
JA1MP---- Sako Hasegawa, founder of Yaesu (SK)
JA5FHB--- Former Japanese Minister for Transport and Communications

JY1---- King Hussein of Jordan

JY1 died on Feb 7, 1999.

JY2---- Queen of above
K0DWC---- Lt. General Francis Griswold
K0HWY---- Tex Beneke, band leader
K1JT----- Dr. Joseph Taylor Jr, 1993 Nobel Prize winner in Physics
K1OKI---- Mickey Schulhof, head of Sony US
K2HEP---- John Sculley, former CEO of Apple and Pepsi (lapsed)
K2ORS---- Jean Shepard, author
K2ZCZ---- George Patacki, Governor of New York
K4LIB---- Arthur Godfrey, TV performer (SK)
K4TPJ---- David Funderburk, member USA House of Reps
K6DUE---- Roy Neal, television reporter
K6IR----- Ken Miller, executive of many companies
K6RFU---- Albert Glasser, scores feature films (eh?)
K7TA----- Clifford Stoll, author ("Cuckoo's Egg") & astronomer
K7UGA/K3UIG-- Senator (US) Barry Goldwater (ret)
KA6HVA--- Burl Ives, singer (SK)
KA6UXR--- Dr. Alex Comfort, author of "The Joy of Sex"
KA7EVD--- Donnie Osmond, entertainer (lapsed)
KB2GSD--- Walter Cronkite, former news anchor
KB6LQR--- Jeana Yeager, Voyager '86 pilot
KB6LQS--- Dick Rutan, Voyager '86 pilot
KB6OLJ--- Paul J Cohen, mathematician
KB7LPW--- Len Winkler, radio talk show host
KC4OCA--- Gordon Barnes, weatherman
KD4WUJ--- Patty Loveless (Patricia Ramey), country singer, XYL of W4WRO
KD6OY---- Garry Shankling, comedian
KD6WUS--- Hugh Downs, TV compere ("Concentration")
KG7JF---- Jeff Duntemann, author and publisher of Coriolis Group
KH6IJ---- Katashi Nose, radio columnist and former physics professor (SK)
KI6M----- Stu Gilliam, comedian
KN4UB---- Larry Junstrom, rock musician (bass player in .38 Special)
KX2Z----- Tony Bongiovi, cousin of Jon Bon Jovi
LU1SM---- Carlos Saul Menem, President of Argentina
N4KET---- David French, CNN newsman
N4RH----- Ralph Haller, FCC PRB chief
N5YYV---- Kathy Sullivan, Chief Scientist NOAA (former astronaut)
N6CKF---- Lloyd Bochner, actor ("Colby")
N6FFT---- ?, talk radio host
N6FUP---- Stu Cook, bass player for CCR
N6GGM---- Laura, XYL of N6FUP
N6KGB---- Stewart Granger (born James Stewart), actor (SK)
N6NHG---- Kevin Mitnick, cracker
N6YOS---- Priscilla Presley (Lou Lou Beaulieu), actress (Elvis?)
N9LC----- George Sweigert, inventor of cordless phone (was W8ZIS)
NK7U----- Joe Rudi, baseball player (ret)
NZ6N----- Randy Powell, actor (was WA0QZW)
ON1AFD--- Count Dirk Frimouth, Belgian astronaut
SV2ASP/A--- Monk Apollo
TI2DR---- David Ruben MD, author of "Everything you wanted to know..."
U2MIR/UV3AM-- Musa Manarov, cosmonaut
UA1LO---- Yuri Gagarin, cosmonaut (SK)
VE3RX---- Arthur Meen, former Ontario Cabinet minister
VE3VGW--- Gilles Morin, Ontario MPP and Deputy Speaker
VK2AHU--- Dick Huey, professor-emeritus (was VK2HU)
VK2AHZ--- Tex Morton (Robert Morton), singer (SK)
VK2AXN--- Keith Alder, former chief of AAEC
VK2BL---- Graham Conolly, radio announcer and former voice on VNG
VK2CAX--- Dr. Ken McCracken, founding Chief of CSIRO Mineral Physics
VK2DIK--- Dick Smith, entrepreneur & millionaire
VK2EF---- Sir Ernest Fisk, MD of AWA, radio pioneer (SK)
VK2KB---- Sir Allan Fairhall, politician
VK2YOW--- Bob Hughes, radio announcer
VK3JU---- Ross Hull, Australian radio pioneer
VK4HA---- Harry Angel, centenarian
VK4HH---- Norman Hurll (was VK2BC), inventor
VK5AX---- Alf Traeger, inventor of the pedal wireless
VK5NIV--- Ivan Venning, Australian MP
VK6TP/G3KDH-- Tommy Price, speedway rider of Wembley fame
VR6TC---- Tom Christian, great*3-grandson of Fletcher Christian
VU2RG---- Rajiv Gandhi, Prime Minister of India (SK)
VU2SON--- Sonia Gandhi, XYL of VU2RG
W0CXX---- Arthur Collins, founder of Collins Radio (SK)
W0ORE---- Tony England, astronaut
W2JOF---- Cliff Richard (Harry Webb), singer
W2SKE---- Bill Leonard, former President of CBS News (SK)
W2TQ----- Joel Miller, IEEE lawyer
W2ZGU---- John Campbell, editor of "Analog" (SK)
W3ACE---- Armin Meyer, former US Ambassador to Japan
W4WRO---- Emory Gordy Jr, record producer and OM of Patty Loveless KD4WUJ
W4ZG----- Worth Gruelle, started "Raggedy Ann and Andy"
W5LFL---- Owen Garriot, astronaut
W6EZV---- General Curtis LeMay (SK)
W6FZZ---- Samuel F.B. Morse III, grandson and speed record holder
W6JKV---- James Treybig, CEO of Tandem
W6LNH---- Fred Gately (SK), Director of photography
W6NRM---- Robert Weitbrietch(?), physicist, developer of TTY for deaf (SK)
W6OBB---- Art Bell, talk radio host
W6QHS---- ?, Chairman and President of California Microware (ret)
W6QYI---- Cardinal Roger Mahoney
WA6RNG--- Byron S. Paul, Hollywood producer,
W6UK----- Alvino Rey, musician/bandleader
W6ZH----- Herbert Hoover III (former ARRL Pres, grandson of US Pres)
W8JK----- John Kraus, radio astronomer
WA2MKI--- Larry Ferrari, organ player
WA4CZD--- Chet Atkins, guitar player
WA4SIR--- Ron Parise, astronaut
WA6TJM--- President of ISD Inc
WB4KCG--- Ronnie Milsap, singer
WB6ACU--- Joe Walsh, rock musician (James Gang and The Eagles)
WB6RER--- Andy Devine, cowboy actor (SK)
YN1AS---- General Anastasio Somoza, former President of Nicaragua (SK)
ZK1AN---- Sir Thomas Davis, former Premier of Cook Islands

Suspected or callsign unknown:

----- Freeman Gosden, actor (SK)
----- "Some royalty of the Netherlands"
----- Some Malaysian head of state?
----- James Hardie (Aussie entrepreneur)
----- Stan Gadsen (ditto)
----- John Button, Australian senator
----- St. Maximilian Kolbe, Polish martyr (SK)
----- Merville Shavelson (W6?), Hollywood director
----- Roc Kirby VK3???, chairman Village Roadshow Corp
----- Dale Buggins, motorcycle stunt rider (SK)
----- Fred Gwynn ("Herman Munster") (SK)
----- Violinist of LA Philharmonic
----- Dr. Russell Hulse, co-shared with K1JT (lapsed)
----- Elke Sommer's husband
----- Edwin Armstrong (SK)
----- Very Rev Dr John Flynn OBE, founder of Flying Doctor (SK)
----- James Clark, founder and chairman of Silicon Graphics
----- Clive Robertson, Australian radio host
----- Dr Amar Bose (Bose Audio)

Disputed (some say yes, some say no):

----- Tony Hancock, actor (SK)
----- Neil Armstrong, astronaut (but see Edwin)
----- Richard Feynman, scientist (SK)

Never licensed (but rumours circulate):

----- Bernard Goetz
----- Jon Bon Jovi (but see KX2Z)
----- Jose Feliciano
----- Andy Griffith
----- Jimmy Stewart, actor and/or USAF reserve officer
------- HRH Prince Phillip, patron of RSGB