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Emtron DX - 2 SP



Band Coverage
EMTRON DX-2SP covers all Nine amateur bands from 160 through 10 meters including WARC bands at full power.

Modes of Operation
The EMTRON DX-2SP has been designed and built to operate at full power in any mode such as SSB, CW, AM, FM, RTTY and SSTV, and with the optional QSK, any other digital mode.

Output Power
This amplifier will comfortably deliver 2000 watts (2500 watts PEP) continuous carrier ("key down") into your antenna. Its conservative rating of all components and efficient cooling system allows effective operation at this power level. With 2500 watts of total plate dissipation, the DX-2 will operate well below the maximum power rating of the tube.

Drive Power
In order to achieve full output power, an input power of approximately 30 to 60 watts is required. If your transceiver delivers more output power, reduce the drive level. Specially when operating RTTY or any other continuous mode, reduce the drive level and let your transceiver run "COOL" with less strain on its output components. EMTRON DX-2SP is comfortable with all popular transceivers such as KENWOOD, ICOM, YAESU, JRC, TENTEC, etc.

The EMTRON DX-2SP operates with one SVETLANA GU-84B tube, in class AB1. This 2500 watt plate dissipation tube has been constructed primarily for military communication, this tube is physically and electrically exceptionally rugged and with additional sophisticated protection circuitry incorporated in the DX-2SP, it is almost indestructible.

Tube Protection
The EMTRON DX-2SP has a very sophisticated tube protection circuitry, designed to protect against excessive plate current, screen grid current, screen grid voltage, bias voltage, overdrive, SWR, etc. The tube is also protected from excessive temperature by continuously monitoring the airflow temperature. In case of any fault, the amplifier goes automatically into By-pass mode. A 25 ohm, 50 watt resistor in the B+ circuit and a MOV in the screen circuit further protects the tube and the power supply from a possible tube internal flash-over.

A lot of attention was given to the design of DX-2SP's cooling system. A pressurized forced air cooling is achieved with a rugged temperature controlled two speed 72 CFM blower (turbine) which effectively cools all critical components of the amplifier. The blower is positioned in such a way that it prevents hot air being circulated through the system.

Duty Cycle
The EMTRON DX-2SP amplifier will give its designed full output of 1500 watts when correctly tuned and loaded. In order to increase the efficiency, an EBS (Electronic Bias Switch) is incorporated, and can be disabled if so required. The function of EBS Switch is well known. The amplifier is turned on ONLY AND ONLY IF RF drive is present. At all other times, the amplifier tube is virtually resting.

Automatic Drive Level Circuit(ALC)
The ALC circuit in EMTRON DX-2SP amplifier is not of a conventional design like in all other amplifiers. The DX-2SP's ALC Circuit operates only for one reason - to prevent overdrive and keep the signal clean. While operating the DX-2SP, you could never get the WAN (Worked All Neighbors) AWARD !! No wonder, the nice compliments the DX-2SP operators get on the quality of their signals.
The ALC in the EMTRON DX-2SP senses any slight overdrive (50 micro-amps of grid current), warns you, and if you don't do anything about it, will cut you off for 2 seconds. The 2 second cut-off is then repeated until the drive level is being reduced. This ALC circuit also produces a 0 - 10 V negative-going voltage, proportional to the grid current, but only when overdrive is present. The EMTRON DX-2SP can be operated without connecting your transceiver to the ALC output of the DX-2SP and you are still guaranteed never to overdrive it. However, connecting the ALC will prevent the overdrive condition to occur in the first place, and you will not be cut off.

Power Supply
The power supply of the EMTRON DX-2SP is also unique. It contains a "SOFT START INRUSH PROTECTION", a top grade heavy duty transformer, a full bridge rectifier and eight high voltage filter capacitors of 470 uF/500 volt rating. This gives a total capacitance in the high voltage section of 58uF and a voltage rating of 4000 volts. The soft start inrush protection circuit in the new DX-2SP amplifier is another unique design found in no other amplifier so far. It is the best soft start system available today. The phase controlled 20amp TRIAC will turn on the amplifier using a 3-second ramp function. The electrolytic capacitors are charged linearly over the 3 second period. This also affects all other circuit components in a similar manner. Stress in components, failure and "TRANSFORMER BONG" are non-existent in the EMTRON DX-2SP. Yet another unique new design, exclusive to the EMTRON DX-2SP amplifier is its screen grid power supply. Fully voltage regulated for +ve and -ve screen currents, combined with very effective current limiting, not only totally protects the GU-84B tube, but also due to its wide dynamic range, it keeps the tube static operation parameters absolutely stable. The protection against excessive screen current is so good, that we have tested the operation with full screen voltage, while the plate voltage was absent, for extended time, without damage to the tube. Needless to say that there is quite a lot of sophisticated electronics present in the DX-2SP